Thursday, May 29, 2014

soccer star.

I repeat.
And she actually LOVED it.
Well, she cried through most of the first practice…but after Ryan threatened her life and I promised her the American Girl soccer outfit...she found her fun.
And she never looked back.
And mid season she proclaimed,
"Soccer is my most favorite sport ever.  But that's because it's pretty easy for me."
To which I replied, "Hads, do you even know what the point of the game is?"
To which she replied, "Mom, I have absolutely no idea."
What this kid lacks for in athleticism, she definitely makes up for in self-confidence.
Hey, maybe if we could get her to unfold her arms while she is playing goalie, she may actually be amazing.
Time will tell.
(although, I am quite sure time has already spoken).

Monday, May 26, 2014

slumber party.

We told this guy that he was having a sleepover, all by himself, at Nana and Pa's.
And he was downstairs with his backpack on, his blankies in hand, and his shoes on his feet faster than you can say…
"Nana, can I have another cookie?".

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the atx.

What started out as one of Ryan's biggest drunken follies, ended up being one of our most favorite trips together.
Of course, we could go to Puyallup for the weekend without kids…and it would be amazing.
And since, we obviously have low standards to begin with, this trip knocked us off of our feet.
It was incredible.
Absolutely incredible.
I was like a giddy school girl from the minute we got on the plane to leave (okay, maybe that was the Xanax and the double greyhounds) until the moment we landed at home.
I love nothing more than spending time with this guy.
He's my most favorite travel companion.
We love to do the exact same thing.
Walk everywhere.  Run anywhere.  Eat lightly.  Drink heavily.
We nailed it.
This city is where it's at.
Like a sunny Seattle…on steroids.
They have a running path that puts Greenlake to shame, a lake that is filled with SUP's, kayakers, and water bikes, dogs everywhere with tanned, tattooed owners walking them, bikes everywhere with tanned, tattooed riders riding them.  Everyone was in impeccable shape.  Everyone was incredibly nice.  And EVERYONE said "y'all".
And as much as we fell in love with this city…like major crush, contemplating moving, love…we also fell in love with each other.
And I quote, from my darling husband…"Vacation Meg is SOOOOO much more fun than real-life Meg."
We had a blast…to say the least.
(No matter what Meg we were with).
But what could go wrong when you sleep in, go for a run, walk to lunch, grab a beer, and another, and another, go shopping, take a nap, go to happy hour, go to dinner, have a night cap, go to bed.
And repeat.
And repeat.
And repeat.
Thanks Austin.
You had me at "y'all".

(Met the infamous AB).

And we definitely kept you weird.