Monday, December 8, 2014

mary lou who?!

Our niece rules at gymnastics.
She placed in every single event.
She could barely hold her neck up she had so much metal on it.
Lo, you made us proud girlfriend.
Thanks for letting us embarrass you with our cheering.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

christmas boats.

We went to Nana and Pa's see the Christmas boats.
But we missed the Christmas boats.
Because we got lost in conversation, warmth...and booze.
Which was just fine with us.
And we made no fewer than 12 gingerbread cookies...a piece.
Which was just fine with them.
Win/win for all ages.

Monday, December 1, 2014

he's baaaaaack.

Now lets just hope he doesn't have a few cocktails each night, fall asleep, and forget to find himself a new spot.
He has a bad reputation.

honey do list.

I was being a total jerk (I'm putting that politely for the blog) and Hadley called me out on it...and then reminded me that Santa was watching.
(She stole my line).
I said "It's just a stressful time of year pal, I've got A LOT to do, and Santa is only one man!!!."
She said, "I can help you.  Just make a list Mama.  Check off what you can do, and he will do the rest. can borrow mine."
Is it weird that I want to marry your own kid?

I wish my list was that short.
I'll continue to be a cranky.
But I do like her effort.
And I also like whatever she erased.
I need an eraser.
That would make my list a lot shorter.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

dapper dan.

Gotta look good for Santa.
The Christmas prep begins.
Say it ain't so.

later fall.

We're going to miss you fall.
We're going miss...
Cold runs on the trail.
Really cold runs.
Fights over wearing jackets.
Making out with siblings.
Hanging with cousins.
Hanging with Mamas.
Hanging with best friends.
Hanging with John Travolta.
Hanging with gangstas.
Hanging with Frankie.
We're going to miss...
George as a houseguest.
Sipping coffee with Hads.
Kissing Auntie Sarah.
Lounging in bed with these knuckleheads.
And lunch dates with this knucklehead.
We're going to miss...
Using public transportation.
Drinking in public.
Watching the Hawks.
Avoiding bedtime.
Watching TV...awkwardly.
Laughing late into the night with this one.
Scaring people with this one.
And pig-piling on these ones.
We're going to miss...
Dance party's before school.
Jammies on the way to school.
And staying home from school.
We're going to miss sick days...
As much as hanging out in our underwear days. were good to us.