Friday, March 7, 2014

the boys.

I must hear 90 times a day, once Ry gets home…
"Daddy will you please play with me?  Will you Daddy?  Please?  Please play with me Daddy."
And when Ry is not at home I hear…
"When is my daddy coming home from work?  We are boys.  We are best friends.  Boys are best friends with boys.  Mama, you are sissy's best friend because you are 'grils'.  'Grils' are not boys.  I really, really, really miss my best Daddy boyfriend."

And he's right, they really, really are best Daddy boyfriends.

Monday, March 3, 2014


I turned 35.
Which is half-way to 70.
And everyone dies at 70, because I read the obits, and that seems to be the median age.
So in my head, half my life is over.
But really, it's just getting started.
(Depends on how full we want to fill that glass up…and my glass is always full.  Literally).
 I have always been someone who looks forward to birthdays.
I like getting older.
I really do.
I feel like the worse I look (gravity is a real pain in the ass…on my ass), the better I feel about myself.
I like the confidence, the wiseness, the friendships (old and new), the appreciation, and the contentment that comes with getting older.
I like my kids getting older.
I like Ry older. 
(I am a sucker for gray in a beard).
I like it all.
And I especially like an excuse to celebrate with some of my favorite people that I have known forever…for an entire weekend.
These peeps.
They are the real deal.
We have been smitten with each other for an eternity.
We have seen the best and the worst of each other.
We have laughed and cried.
We have witnessed every milestone, good and bad.
(Some of these poor people have endured me for 28 years!).
And we still love nothing more than to just be together.
Reminiscing about it all.
And although, at 35, I may still yearn for white baseboards and crown moulding, I will never need to yearn for best friends.
And that makes me think maybe I'm doing something right.
Halfway to 70.
Someone better start writing the rough draft of my obituary.
And please stick a picture of me in a bikini next to it.
In my twenties.
Not a picture of me after this weekend.
In fulminant liver failure.
(The ascites and jaundice are quite unbecoming, and the encephalopathy is permanent…but well earned).
"R" rated Lyrics in this song.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

jump for heart.

I asked Hads if she wanted to do "Jump rope for Heart" again.
She asked, "Is that where I ask people for money and then get prizes if they give me a lot?".
Nailed it.
To which I replied, "Sure, but there's more to it then that…".
To which she interrupted, "I know mom, then I get to show off my jump roping in the gym after school one day, with all the big kids."
So, I am certain that she totally gets what this is all about.
And I am also certain that this gal and I could not be more different as first graders.
When I was her age I was on a jump rope team.
That actually went to other schools and performed.
This kid physically cannot jump rope.
It's actually amazing to watch.
At one point she put the jump rope on the floor, and just jumped over it.
Back and forth, back and forth.
But what she lacks in skill, she makes up for in self-confidence big time.
And when we walked into that crowded gym after school, she ditched me at the door, grabbed a rope, double knotted her shoes, and went right up to the very front row.
When I was her age i would have hemmed and hawed before walking into the gym, looked around for a friend to stand by, and quietly taken a spot in the back.
I hope she never figures out how bad she is.
Or at least never cares.
She's my favorite.
And she jumps over a jump rope that's laying on the ground better than anyone I have ever seen.
(of course, I have never actually seen anyone else do that…but that's beside the point).

Mrs. Fee!
Hadley's P.E. teacher, and my best friend's big sister, and the gal I get the best texts from about what Hadley said/or did at school during the day.  
She's also the same person that stole her Mom's suburban when we were kids and drove to her friends house while we were all watching the Miss America Teen pageant.
She's also the same person's whose clothes I would steal and wear to school.
She's also the same person who taught me how to do the running man.
Hads and I both think she's the coolest.
And she is.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

sis & bro.

She reads to him every single night, then she kisses him on the head, and gently tucks him in, and tells him if he gets out of bed and starts banging his toys around and wakes her up he's dead meat in the morning and won't get a hot bottsie.
True blue siblings.

Monday, February 24, 2014

no pants party.

When these boys are together, it's loud, it's rough, and it's usually without pants.
(take that where you will).
They are best buds.
And clothes are always optional.


We thought it would be fun to take the kids up sledding since the cabin got A TON of snow. 
Little did we know that they would want absolutely nothing to do with it.
(well, we kind of had a hunch).
BJ's boys lasted the longest, they were outside for over an hour.
Carson lasted about 3 minutes…then his gloves got wet, and life as he knew it, was over.
But us big kids had a blast in it.
And even built a jump.
That's how cool we are.
One day the kids will figure that out.
But it's more fun that they haven't yet.

Friday, February 21, 2014

the 'gram.

Ry travels a lot…
so we let him be a part of the the family via Instagram. 
(actually Instagram Direct, which is the best invention ever).
We cook and clean, and do homework and take Frank for walks, and take the garbage out and get up early.
And he sits in the sun, pretends to to listen in on a conference call or two, and 'likes' our photos.
Sounds fair right?
Tomorrow, I am going to apply to be a travel nurse.

Friday, February 14, 2014

happy heart day.

We have a little tradition on Valentine's Day.
(that I was dumb enough to start).
They get to go on a scavenger hunt to find their loot.
(actually, my mom is the dumb one, she did this with me and my bro, and since neither of us turned out to be ax murderers, I figure copying our childhood isn't the worst thing.  Although they may turn out to be insanely inappropriate and absurdly vulgar…but it could be worse.  Right?).
Hadley was all about it this year…because she can actually read the clues.
And that makes her feel really, really cool.
So, she woke up before I left for work, which is EARLY, and loudly whispered from her door,
"Mama, can we come down and do the hunt before you leave?  Please Mama.  PUHLEASE!".
I couldn't say no to my gal that loves a holiday like NO other.
(and often times these little 'moments' make me think maybe, just maybe, they will forget all those times I scream my bloody head off at them.  
Fingers crossed).

Uh-Oh, I guess it was his turn.
Gotta keep up pal.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

on the catwalk.

I told these two knuckleheads to pose.
And this is what I got.