Monday, August 4, 2014

da plane. da plane.

We ventured out to watch the Blue Angels.
It was hot.
Our seats were terrible.
(I think we saw one Angel).
We couldn't get even remotely close to the water.
The kids complained.
We drank two beers.
They ate two cheese sticks.
And that was that.
Gotta love family time.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

allie cat.

Celebrated this little love.
She turned 5!  
Seems impossible.
It truly was only yesterday that my mom and I were flying down I-5 to meet her.
Allie, I promise to always be nice to you.
Because quite honestly, you scare me.
Love you little pal!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

party boat.

We had our selves a little slumber party on Nana and Pa's boat.
It was magical.
Coffee in the mornings.
Beer in the afternoon.
Wine in the evenings.
Happy kids all day long.
And really, really, really happy adults.
We're thinking of becoming squatters.

Derby races.
Pool parties.

Wine tasting.

Tom Foolery.

And a whole lot of smiles.

Friday, July 18, 2014

just being.

Being backseat drivers.
Being readers.
Being naked readers.
Being inside readers.
Being outside readers.
Being in bed readers.
Being in the library readers.
Being hillbillies eating popsicles.
Being at breweries.
Being hillbillies at breweries.
Being runners.
Being outsiders.
Being best friends.
Being islanders.
Being cute.
Being driveway racers.
Being safe.
Being honest.
Being men.
Being a mom.
Being naughty.
Being on budgets.
Being irresponsible.
Being cheesy.
Being my favorites.
Being ballers.
Being toothless.
Being sleepy.
Being obnoxious.
Being proud of our sis.
Being cute...again.
Being beach bums.
Being happy.
Being soccer players.
Being goalies.
Being USA fans.
Being idiots.
Being tattooed.
Being narcoleptic.
Being night cappers.
Being day drinkers.
Being in trouble.
(soap in his mouth for calling me stupid)
Being happy it's Friday.
Being bike race watchers.
Being lazy.
Being in glasses.
Being woken up.
Being excited.
Being really excited.
Being really, really excited.
Being really, really, really excited.
Being girls.
Being boys.
Being the cutest.
Being just like our jammies.
Being just like ourselves.